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The Google Chromecast is a fantastic little device that makes it possible to wirelessly “cast” media from your Android and iOS mobile device onto your TV. You simply plug the Chromecast into one of your TV’s spare HDMI ports, hook it up to a USB-based power supply, and then you’re good to go. The connection then works over Wi-Fi, which means you can control apps on your phone that are then run through the Chromecast.

The way the system works then relies on compatible apps. Not all apps will stream wirelessly from your mobile device your TV via the Chromecast. Instead, you need to find Chromecast compatible apps and that is what we’re here for today. Today, we’re going to walk you through all the best Chromecast apps.

Best apps for Chromecast

These are the Chromecast apps you need to download right now. They will help you stream your content wirelessly from your mobile device to your TV.

Google Home

This list will mostly revolve around media. The Chromecast is a fantastic little device that makes it really easy for you to take the media content you have or are streaming onto your phone and have it display on your much bigger TV. In truth, however, there’s more to the device than that and the Google Home app is how you unlock what else the Chromecast has to offer.

The Google Home allows you to run all your smart home connected devices and also allows you to enjoy features such as content discovery, universal search, and app recommendations. If you’ve just got your first Google Chromecast, you should definitely download the Google Home app as, in truth, it is more like the official companion app to the Chromecast. In fact, the app used to be called the Chromecast app.

Google Home Download now


Netflix in the living room

So, we’ve already mentioned that one of the top uses for the Google Chromecast is casting media such as videos and photos to your big screen TV. You’ll no doubt be relieved and in no way surprised then to learn Netflix is compatible with your Google Chromecast and is one of the best Chromecast apps around today. You can, of course, download Netflix on Android smartphones and iOS iPhones.

What’s great about the Netflix mobile app is that it allows you to cast your movies or TV shows to the TV and then use your mobile phone as a remote control. You can control playback, skip scenes, and of course browse the Netflix library all while sat on the sofa using your phone. Other great Chromecast media playing apps include HBO Go, Hulu, Roku, Plex, and if you’re in the UK, the BBC iPlayer. By connecting your phone to your TV the Chromecast turns your television into a smart TV.



YouTube on the TV really is a treat. In truth, the platform has long been a big-screen platform with well-produced content that’s easily able to compete with more established networks coming from a wide variety of professional media outlets as well YouTube’s army of popular bedroom content producers.

The YouTube Chromecast app is simple yet effective and it couldn’t be easier to cast any video you find onto your TV. YouTube also has a premium model now too that includes being able to download videos but that also gives access to premium content, much like Netflix has Netflix Originals.



AllCast is probably the most versatile Chromecast app out there and is available on both iOS and Android devices. AllCast offers an easy and effective way to cast all the photo and video media you have on your phone onto your lounge TV. The app also makes it possible for you to cast photos you have stored on cloud storage solutions like Dropbox.

You can try AllCast for free, but all the best features are hidden behind a paywall. Furthermore, you can only cast videos up to five minutes in length on the free version, which means you’re going to have to pay to get any real value out of the app.

AllCast Download now


TED talks are a cultural phenomenon these days. Instantly shareable and infinitely inspiring, everybody has watched and shared at least one TED talk. That’s what makes the TED app so perfect for using with your Chromecast. TED talks can inspire you on a personal level, but so often you want to share the experience with somebody else and that is the Chromecast comes in.

Whether you’re watching a brand-new lecture on your living room TV or sharing one of your old favorites with your family, the Chromecast-enabled TED app makes it easier than ever to watch TED talks as a group.

Google Photos

How to Breathe New Life into your Old Phone Get a cloud based photo sync app google photos

It probably comes as no surprise that there are many great Google apps that are Chromecast compatible. We’ve already mentioned YouTube and Google has recently made its native Files app for Android Chromecast-compatible too, which offers another great way for you to display the photos and videos you hold on your phone on a much larger screen.

The final app we’re highlighting today, though, is Google Photos, which deserves a special mention all on its own. As well as turning your TV into a giant picture frame, the Chromecast compatible Google Photos app can also help you broadcast all the magical creations you can build on the app. As well as slideshows and albums, Google Photos can help you turn the photos and videos you’ve captured on your smartphone into dynamic movie-like experiences, complete with transition effects, music, and even special integration elements from other Google apps such as Google Maps.

Google Photos Download Google Photos

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